Shelby  County,  Indiana
History  of  Jackson Township

Township 11 North - Range 5, 6 East

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, January 31, 1935
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Over Three Hundred Attend
Annual Farmers' Institute
Yesterday at Mt. Auburn
Yearly Meeting Opened This Morning
at Shelby Township School --
Large Attendance Indicated --
Russell Cherry Elected President
of Jackson Group During
Business Session.
          Over three hundred persons attended the Jackson township farmers' institute held yesterday all day at the Mt. Auburn school building.  Much interest was shown in all features of the yearly meeting, which was a great success.
          The Shelby-Hendricks township farmers' institute opened this morning at the Shelby townshp school, and a large attendance all day was assured.  Speakers this morning and afternoon were  Mrs. Bessie Zigler  of Wabash, and  Maurice P Shierling  of Saratoga, who also addressed the Jackson institute yesterday.
          An interesting feature of the day's program at the Jackson meeting was a special art and manual exhibit by pupils of the Mt. Auburn school.  The exhibit attracted a great deal of attention and was an outstanding feature of the day.
          The following officers were elected at yesterday's session:  Russell Cherry,  president;  Earl Isley,  vice-president, and  Mrs. Ralph Isley,  secretary-treasurer.  Figures on the attendance were given as follows:  morning session, 25 men, 33 women; afternoon, 123 men, 150 women.
          Awards for the Jackson Institute shows follow:  adult cornshow, 10 cars white,  Rudisell Davis,  Carl Snepp;  10 cars yellow,  Russell Davis,  Clyde Eberhart;  student corn show, 10 cars white,  Bernard Eberhart,  Garnet Wertz;  10 cars yellow,  Roland Nay,  Kenneth Cartelyou;  adult cake show, shite cake (not agel food),  Mrs. Percy Jones,  Mrs. Ralph Isley;  dark cake,  Mrs. Russell Cherry;  student cake show,  white cake (not angel food),  Mary
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Early Settlements - Jackson Township

          A settlement made in Jackson Township and for many years known as the "Haw Patch Settlement" three miles northeast of Edinburg, was one of the earliest made in the county.  Many of the settlers of Jackson became active in the public affairs of the county.  One of the first to take up his residence in that section was Colonel Hiram Alldredge, who was appointed by the board of commissioners, at their first term in 1822, to the office of County Clerk.  This office he filled most faithfully until his death which occurred early in the thirties.  Other prominent early settlers were -
Judge Joseph Dawson
the Rev. James Clark
Moses Pruitt
Judge Joshua B. Lucas
Zechariah Collins
the Rev. Alfred Phelps
Ivory H. Leggett
Dr. Benjamin Sanders
John Cutsinger
Jacob Wirtz
David and Jesse Scott
Abner Conner
John and George Warner
Dr. A. J. Treon

History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago, Brant and Fuller, 1887, page 303.
Contributed by Judith Lucero

          Jackson Township forms the southwest corner of Shelby County, and is bounded on the north by Hendricks Township, on the east by Washington Township, on the south by Bartholomew County, and on the west by Johnson County.  It would be difficult to find anywhere a finer body of land.  BigBlue River flows through the nortwestern part, Honey Creek is in the center, and Lewis Creek and Flat Rock in the southeast corner.  Two-thirds of the township, on the northeastern side, is beautifully undulated and rolling land, of clay loam, very rich and productive.  The Blue River Valley is level, and the soil light and porous, but very superior.  The farms are in splended order, and the whole township is dotted over with beautiful residences. Those of  Snepp,  Mutz,  Hagaman,  Eberland,  Compton,  Cutsiner,  Prewitt,  Stine,  Mahley and many other deserve mention. It is an excellent grain-growing region, and much cattle-raising is done.  Near Mount Auburn is the extensive tile factory of  Mahley & Wertz, and in the southwestern corner the large saw and planing mill of Alexander Prewitt.  There are no less than nine schools in the township, one of them, in the Snepp neighborhood, a graded school.  The churches are also well represented.  In the northwest corner, in the Scott neighborhood, there is a Baptist Church; in Mount Auburn, a Church of the Christian denomination; a Methodist Episcopal Church in the Ensley neighborhood, in the southern part of the township, together with two large and influential Lutheran Churches; St. Paul's at Mount Auburn, and St. George's in the Snepp neighborhood, under the pastoral care of an able and learned clergyman, the Rev. John H. Link.  There is also a Methodist Protestant Church at Jollity.
          Among those who first settled here were
Col Hiram Aldridge
Judge Joseph Dawson
Rev James Clark
Moses Prewitt
Judge Joshua B. Lucas
Zechariah Collins
Rev. Alfred Phelps
Ivory H. Leggett
Dr. Benjamin Sanders
John Cutsinger
Jacob Wirtz
David and Jesse Scott
Abner Connor
John and George Warner
         Our first County Clerk, Col. Hiram Aldridge, was from Jackson Townshp.  He settled on the land now owned by Mr. S. Cutsinger, on the line between Johnson and Shelby Counties. Shelby, having been first organized, and thought to be more desirable, he built a shanty upon the Shelby side of his place to sleep in, thus became a candidate for the office of Clerk, and was elected.  The shanty stood for a long time between where the fine mansion house of Mr. Cutsinger now stands and the road. Col. Aldridge was a faithful officer, an accomplished gentleman, and a man of unbounded popularity.  The Hon. J. B. Lucas and Judge Joseph Dawson were leading men.  The late  Dr. Andrew J. Treon  was a pioneer, a very successful physician, eccentric but talented, and left hosts of warm friends.  Among the prominent men of later times may be mentioned Jacob Mutz, who has been in the Legislature several times; William Patterson, our present Representative; the late William M. Phillips, Treasurer, 1862-66; and  George W. Isley, Auditor, 1875-79; Samuel Cutsinger and others. The people of Jackson Township are generally from the State of Pennsylvania and Montgomery County, Ohio, and in point of intelligence, morality and wealth, are second to none in this county.  Mount Auburn is the only post office, and is a pleasantly situated village. ~ ~
Atlas of Shelby Co., Indiana, Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co, 1880, page 14.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

For first-hand memories of early Jackson Township, please read James Clarke's newspaper article.

The  Shelby  Union  Banner
June 23, 1864
Page 3, col 1
          SANITARY.  The following receipt from the Treasurer of the Sanitary Commission for Shelby county, shows the amount of money contributed by the loyal people of Jackson township under the recent efforts of Chaplain Lozier.  Much credit is due the gentlemen whose names appear, for their energy in the collection of the money.
SHELBYVILLE, June 20, 1864.
Received at the hands of Mr. Henry Frederick, the following sums of money, as collected by the following gentlemen, to-wit:
N. D. Ensley...............$21 50
C. M. Allen.................51 00
David Compton...............18 40
Richard Pyle................31 50
Henry Frederick.............42 40
Chandler Bradford...........29 50
B. F. Tucker................14 25
Total......................$208 55
Tr. San. Com. for Shelby Co.
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The  Shelby  Union  Banner
April 14, 1864
Page 3, col 2
Township Elections -- Official.
Union.                          Copperhead.

Richard Pile........25 Daniel Snepp......142
James Shipp.........27 Samuel Higgins....139
Thomas Wilkison.....27 Allen Smith.......131
Jas. M. Goldsboro...27 Noah Scott........137
Peter Poe............1 .....................
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The  National  Volunteer
Shelbyville, Indiana
~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~
November 17, 1853
          The Edinburg Indiana Review says that a young man, Jacob Kyle was so much injured by the falling of a tree upon him, while engaged in coon hunting, as to cause his death in a few hours.  Mr. Kyle was from Pennsylvania on a visit to friends.
Submitted by Sherry Badgley Ryan with permission from Mr.Maurice Holmes.  Selected items from Shelbyville, Indiana Newspaper Excerpts: 1853 - 1859.  Maurice Holmes, 1141N 450W, Shelbyville, IN 46176

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