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Index  of  Marriage  Records

          The Courthouse has marriage records beginning in 1822 - present.  The records are in the Clerk's office.  For copies, write to:  Clerk's Office, P.O. Box 198, Shelbyville, IN 46176, Attn Phyllis.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a money order ($1 for each copy) made out to the Shelby Co IN Clerk's Office.
          Something to keep in mind:   Indiana  did not  require a bond for a marriage.  The only names appearing on the marriage records are those of the bride, the groom, the marriage official and the clerk who signed the license.  Marriage affidavits were used from 1876-1879 (see below).  It was not until the 1880's that marriage returns were used.  It was not until the 1900's that marriage applications were adopted.  Both the returns and applications include information on the parents of the bride and groom.  Maurice Holmes has compiled the marriage returns information in several volumes available at the library.
          The information available in the table below is copied from books of transcriptions of the original documents.  Please email me with corrections/questions.  I will personally check the originals at the courthouse -- PMF

1822-1839, alpha listing
(listed by bride and groom)

1822 - 1856 (listed by date, by groom)
Book 1 1822-1828
Book 2 1828-1834
Book 3 1834-1838
Book 4 1839-1843
Book 5 1843-1846
Book 6 1846-1856

          From the WPA index (table below), 1856 - 1920, we have copied the following pages.  Whenever an entry is questioned, I will check the originals at the courthouse and indicate verified/revised information in brackets [ ].
          Names and dates without brackets are as they appear in the WPA index.  Please contact me if you would like an entry checked against the records at the Shelby Co Courthouse.

Marriage Affidavits, 1876-1879

Marriage Returns, 1880 - 1900

1856 - 1920,  WPA Index

          Abbett - Allen
          Allender - Andrews
          Angel - Ayres

          Baal - Basil
          Bass - Bassett, W
          Bastin - Bishop
          Bittner - Black
          Bone - Brannagel
          Brannin,A - Brinson, L

          Cable - Carson, J
          Carson, L - Cherry,L
          Cherry, M - Clark,Cl
          Clark, Co - Clayton,T
          Clayton, W - Cochran, M
          Cochran, N - Collier
          Collings - Conway
          Conwell - Coplinger
          Copper - Cosler
          Cossairt - Culbertson

          Daffen - Day
          Deacon - Dill
          Dillard - Dyson

          Eades - Emrick
          Ender - Ewing
          Facemire - Fergerson
          Fergison - Fisher
          Fisk - Fox, Minnie
          Fox, Minnie F - Furnish

          Gadd - Gwynne

          Hafer - Hall
          Harrel - Harris
          Hatton - Hauk
          Higgins - Hinkle
          Hogue,G - Hollister
          Hoover - Hosler;  Howery
          Huffman - Huntington

          Jabo - James
          Jonas - Jones, Man
          Jones,Mar - Jordon, A

          Keith, Margaret - Kelley;  Kennedy, William - Kyser

          LaBarbara - Lazzell
          Lea - Lewellyn
          Lewis - Loyd
          Lucas - Lytle

          Maas - Mahley;  Marsh - Martin,E
          McComas - McCormack
          McNutt - Medsker
          Mohr, J - Moore, Mary
          Moore, Matie - Morgan, Ha
          Morris, Fl - Mount, G
          Murdock - Muze

          Nading - Nebb
          Neeb - Newcomb
          Newcomb,J - Noel
          Nolan - Nye

          Pabst - Pattent
          Patterson - Phalmor
          Phares - Pierson
          Pike -

          Raab - Rauck
          Rawl - Redm
          Reds - Rehm
          Reich - Rhod
          Rhom - Rich
          Rickm - Roade
          Roberts - Ross
          Rosse - Ryse

          Sabi - Sande
          Sandm - Schoef
          Schoel - Scon
          Scot - Sedgw
          See - Shad
          Shae - Shaw
          Shay - Shires
          Shirley - Simms
          Simms - Slater
          Slaughter - Smiley
          Smith,A - Hester
          Smith, Het - Mary
          Smith, Mat - Smitha
          Smithe - Snider, M
          Snider, N - Spangler
          Sparks - Spurlin, A
          Spurlin,B - Stafford,I
          Stafford,I - Staub,E
          Steel - Stevens,L
          Steven,M - Stickford
          Stickle - Stoughton
          Stout - Stubbs,M
          Stubbs,R - Swails
          Swaim - Sytama

          Taber - Talbert, D
          Threasher - Tigart;   Towns - Travis, J
          Tygart - Tyre

          Ullery - Utsler

          Vail - Vaught
          Vaughter - Vossler

          Wade - Washburne
          Wasson - Webster
          Wells;  Wilcox - Wilgus
          Willard - Willis
          Wood,G - Worden
          Yager - York
          Yost - Yusim
          Zakarakos - Zoble

          For all other marriages from 1856-1920, please request a lookup.

Index of  marriage applications and licenses  for the years  1922 - 1934.  If you would like copies of applications and/or licenses, please  contact  or  visit  the Genealogy Room of the Shelbyville-Shelby County Library.

1931 - 1947  marriage records were compiled by Maurice Holmes, and available in the  Genealogy Room  of the Shelbyville-Shelby County Library.

1975 - 1976 Marriage Applications are available from the Genealogy Room of the Shelbyville-Shelby County Library.  An index of names is listed here.

Miscellaneous Marriage Records
Marriage Records of Pastors' of Sugar Creek Circuit, Indiana Conference, of the M. P. Church
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