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          This will be an ongoing project.  If you do not find your ancestors listed in any of the cemeteries below, individual cemetery look-ups can be requested via our look-up site.
          The Shelby County, Indiana, Genealogical Society has finished a project which includes reading all known county cemeteries.  The readings are compiled by townships, including maps, driving directions and some history.  Forest Hill Cemetery readings are in a separate book.  If you find some ancestors in the cemetery readings below, you will definitely want to purchase the township booklet(s), as other ancestors are probably in cemeteries in close proximity.  BOOKS  FOR  ALL  TOWNSHIPS  including  A  WHOLE-COUNTY  INDEX  ARE  NOW  AVAILABLE.  Please contact Marge Roberts (PO Box 67, Morristown, IN  46161) for details.
          Cemetery links of interest:
          Mary McGinnis has contributed a list of abbreviations commonly seen on tombstones.
          Indiana State Historic Architectural & Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD)
          If you are having trouble locating a cemetery, try the  Indiana Cemetery Locater
          I have included the Find A Grave link for each cemetery listed below.

Amos  or  Frost Hill Cemetery, Pleasant View, Moral Township.
Asbury Cemetery, Hanover Township.
Barnes  or  Moberly Cemetery, Rays Crossing, Union Township.
Bartley-Allen Cemetery, Waldron, Liberty Township.
Baumgartner Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Bennett Cemetery, Rays Crossing, Union Township.
Bennett Cemetery, Hanover Township.
Blue Ridge  or  Cynthiana Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Blue River Chapel Cemetery, Marion Township.  (See also:  Little Blue River Baptist Chapel Cemetery, below.)
Blue River Wesleyan Cemetery, Arlington, Rush County, Indiana.
Boggstown Cemetery, Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
Bradley Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Brandywine  or  Pinhook Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Branson Cemetery, Union Township.
Breedlove Cemetery, Moral Township.
Brockman Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Caanon Cemetery, Moral Township.
Campbell Cemetery, Addison Township.
Center or Ray-Wray Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Chapman Cemetery, Liberty Township.
City Cemetery, Shelbyville, Addison Township.
Coffman Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Compton Cemetery, near Bengal, Hendricks Township.
Compton Cemetery, near Flat Rock, Jackson Township.
Concord Cemetery, near Morristown, Hanover Township.
Conover Cemetery, near Mount Auburn, Jackson Township.
Copeland Cemetery, Noble Township, near Milford, Decatur County.
Cotton Cemetery, Union Township.
County Farm or Poor Farm Cemetery, Shelby Township.
Courtney Cemetery, Shelby Township.
Cunningham  or  Kissell Cemetery, Moral Township, near New Palestine, Hancock County. 
Cutsinger Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Dake Cemetery, between London and Brookfield, Moral Township.
Davis Cemetery, near Morristown, Hanover Township.
DeVore Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
DeWitt Cemetery, Union Township.
Doble Cemetery, Moral Township.
East Union Cemetery, Moral Township.
Eberhart Cemetery, Jackson Township, near Southwestern High School.
Ellis,  Moore,  Bishop  or  Fisher Cemetery, Moral Township.
Fairland Cemetery, near Fairland, Brandywine Township.
Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren Township.
Flat Rock Cemetery, Flat Rock, Washington Township.
Floyd Cemetery, Washington Township, east of Geneva.
Forest Hill Cemetery: Pictures
       Permits for burials:
          (1) 1887 - 1890
          (3) Oct 1890 - Dec 1891
          (4) Dec 1891 - Oct 1892
          (5) Oct 1892 - Feb 1894
          (6) Feb 1894 - Mar 1895
          (7) Mar 1895 - Oct 1897
          (8) Misc lots
Fountaintown Cemetery, Fountaintown, Van Buren Township.
Francis Cemetery, north of Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
Frost Hill Cemetery, Jackson Township.  Location.
Gaines  or  Gatewood Cemetery, Marion Township.
Gallagher  aka  Old Boggstown Cemetery, northwest of Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
Graham,  Young  or  Sanders Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Hanover Cemetery, south of Morristown, Hanover Township.
Hirschauer Cemetery, Shelby Township.
Holmes  or  Means Cemetery, near London, Moral Township.
Hoover Cemetery, southwest of Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
Hough  or  Huff Cemetery, north of Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
House Cemetery, London, Moral Township.
Hughbanks  or  Eubanks Cemetery, near Wilson's Corner, Shelby Township.
Hungate Cemetery, Noble Township.
Hurricane Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Hurst Cemetery, Homer, Rush County.
Israel Cemetery, Noble Township.
Jackson Cemetery, Addison Township.
Johnson  or  Johnston Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township.
Jones Cemetery, Noble Township, near Milford, Decatur County.
Joyce Cemetery, Moral Township, USGenWeb;  Joyce Cemetery, Find A Grave.
Kamper Cemetery, Union Township.
Karmire Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Keith Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township.
Knight Cemetery, Liberty Township, near Waldron.
Knowlton Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Knowlton Cemetery, Shelby Township.  Location.
Kratzer Cemetery, Van Buren Township.
Lackey Cemetery, Addison Township.
Lamar Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Law Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Lee Cemetery, Washington Township.
Leppert Cemetery, Shelby Township.  Location.
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelby Township.
Liberty Cemetery, Marion Township. 
Lisher Cemetery, Van Buren Township.
Little Blue River Baptist Chapel Cemetery,  Union Township.
LittleBlue River Friends Cemetery, Rush County. 
London Cemetery, Moral Township.
Love Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Ludlow Cemeter, Marion Township.
Maholm Cemetery, Moral Township.  Location.
Maple Cemetery, Shelby Township.  Location.
Marion Cemetery, Marion Township.
Means Cemetery, Noble Township.
Meltzer Cemetery, Union Township.
Middletown  or  Hopewell Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Miller Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Mitchell Cemetery, Noble Township.
Mohr Cemetery, Moral Township.
Morris Cemetery, Marion Township.
Morven  or  Major Cemetery, Noble Township.
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Mount Blackmore, Noble Township.
Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Addison Township.
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Noble Township.
Mozingo Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Murnan Cemetery, Moral Township.
Nave Cemetery, Addison Township.
Needham Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
New Palestine Cemetery, Hancock County.
Norristown Cemetery, Washington Township.
Norvell Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Ogden Cemetery, Noble Township.
Old Boggstown Cemetery, northwest of Boggstown, Sugar Creek Township.
Old Flat Rock Cemetery, Washington Township.
Old Union Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Oldham Cemetery, Marion Township.
Owens Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Parrish Cemetery, Shelby Township.
Patterson Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Patterson  or  Magill Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Pelham Cemetery, Van Buren Township.
Phillips Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Noble Township. 
Pleasant View Cemetery, Moral Township.
Pope Cemetery, near Flat Rock, Washington Township.
Powell Cemetery, near Waldron, Liberty Township.
Pruitt Cemetery, near Mount Auburn, Jackson Township.
Rawlings Cemetery, Moral Township.
Ray Cemetery.
Reed Cemetery, Hanover Township.
Reed Cemetery, Noble Township.
Roberts Chapel Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Roberts Chapel Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Rodeheffer Cemetery, Washington Township.
Ruggles Cemetery, Moral Township.
Saint George's Lutheran Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Shelbyville, Addison Township.
Saint Vincent Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Sand Hill Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township.
Sanders Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Scott Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Second Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Shanks Cemetery, Addison Township.  Location.
Shepherd Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Simmons Cemetery, Noble Township.
Smiley's Mill Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Snyder/Snider, Hill,  Murphy  or Toner's Chapel Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Spurlin Cemetery, Washington Township.
Sugar Creek Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township.
Sugar Creek Methodist Cemetery, Moral Township.
Sullivan Cemetery, Washington Township.
Temple Hill Mausoleum, Shelbyville, Addison Township.
Tindall Cemetery, Addison Township.
Tindall Cemetery, Liberty Township.
Tindall Cemetery, Shelby Township.  Location.
Trackwell Cemetery, Liberty Township.  Location.
Tucker  or  Maxwell Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Trackwell Cemetery.  Information from pictures taken by Bob Parkison.
Tucker Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Union Chapel Cemetery, St. Paul, Decatur County.
Union Methodist,  Zell,  Ripple  or  Fouty Cemetery, Shelby Township.  Location.
Vanpelt Cemetery, Noble Township.
Webb Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township.
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Hendricks Township.
Wiles Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County.
Wilkins Cemetery, Moral Township.
Williams Cemetery, Brandywine Township.
Williams  or  Keifer Cemetery, Washington Township.
Wilson Cemetery, Marion Township.
Winchester Cemetery.  Contributed by Barb and Bob Huff, typed by Melinda Weaver.
Zion or German Church Cemetery, Union Township.

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